A Heartfelt Thank You!

I am honoured and over the moon with gratitude to be recognized by the Reader’s Choice Awards 2020. This year, Journey Within was selected as the winner in Clarington, Durham in three categories: Alternative Medicine / Healing, Holistic Health / Healing, and Massage & Wellness Centre. Thank you!


My gratitude extends to every person who has supported my personal journey and my work in Reiki, Black Pearl Technique, Hypnosis, and Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment. They include my community, my clients, my readers, and my friends and family. I am blessed to be wrapped in the comfort of your love and support. Each one of you has been a pillar of strength, and light throughout the years.


Arriving here has been a long and rewarding road for me. Since I branched off from fitness instruction a few years ago and towards more subtle energy healing modalities, I’ve truly been on a “journey within.” I believe that it is only through our own healing and development that we can offer this gift to others, and this is what I strive to do.


With every healing session or course of study to further develop my skill and expand my capacity to help and support others, I learn how connected we are to each other. How incredibly important this connection is, especially during this past year. Journey Within is truly my heart’s work.


My “Zen Den” as I have affectionately named it, is located just outside of Bowmanville, Ontario. I welcome anyone who wishes to experience a subtle yet powerful energetic healing session with me. Feel free to check out my Services page for details on the types of therapy I offer, and contact me if you have any questions.


A massive, heartfelt THANK YOU to Reader’s Choice and the Clarington community for your support and recognition.