A Journey into Herbalism: Unearthing the Wisdom of Nature

 The call of the wild. The hushed whispers of the forest. The ancient secrets in every leaf and petal.


If you’ve ever felt a magnetic pull towards the natural world, you’ll understand my fascination with herbalism. The art of healing through the magic of plants has been around for centuries, used by our ancestors and indigenous cultures worldwide. This allure of understanding nature’s pharmacy recently led me to embark on my own journey into the world of herbalism. I’m thrilled to share it with you.

Rediscovering a Timeless Tradition

Every new plant discovery I make reminds me that herbalism is not a new-age fad. It’s a holistic, traditional approach that dates back thousands of years, tapping into the incredible biodiversity our Earth has to offer. Long before modern medicine, humans relied on plants for their therapeutic properties to relieve pain, heal wounds, and even manage diseases. In many parts of the world, this knowledge has been passed down through generations, with the wisdom of the plants deeply interwoven into the cultural fabric.


If you’ve had a chance to become completely engrossed in the beautifully-written book, Braiding Sweetgrass by Potawatomi professor Robin Wall Kimmerer, you’ll have a sense of how intuitive plant wisdom is if we have the patience and love to listen deeply.


And in the East, the Doctrine of Signatures is a fascinating philosophy that suggests the physical attributes of plants – their colors, shapes, and growth patterns – provide cues to their healing properties. It implies that a plant resembling a certain human organ or symptom could be used to treat that very condition. For example, a walnut, which bears a striking resemblance to a human brain, is believed to support brain health. (Are you already searching for courses in herbalism?!)

My Initiation: The Herbal Awakening

Curiosity drove my introduction to herbalism. I wanted to learn to identify plants, study their properties, understand their interactions, and learn how to safely use them therapeutically. I’ve spent hours investigating plants and the discoveries I’m making are fascinating! I’ve also realized that herbalism isn’t just about knowing which plants could heal what ailment. It’s about understanding the intricate relationships between plants, humans, and the environment.


The Magic of Herbal Preparations

The alchemical process of creating my own herbal remedies has been a game-changer. Turning plants into tinctures, salves, teas, and oils is not only practical but deeply therapeutic. There’s something incredibly empowering (not to mention very cool!) about knowing exactly what goes into your teas, body creams, and lip balms. Preparing these remedies also deepened my appreciation for the multifaceted nature of plants. For example, the calming chamomile I sip each night is the same plant that nourishes my sensitive skin.

Herbalism & Modern Medicine

I feel it’s essential to note that my journey into herbalism doesn’t mean that I shun modern medicine. Instead, it has deepened my appreciation for both traditional knowledge and scientific research. Herbal remedies can work alongside conventional treatments, often offering a gentler approach and aiding the body’s inherent healing processes. Always, however, it’s crucial to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new treatment, as certain herbs can interact with medications.

Sharing the Gifts of Herbalism

This journey has gifted me a greater reverence for the flesh and bones of Mother Earth. But it goes even further. It has deepened my sensitivity and connection to the flow of energy around and within us.


As a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, I use various energy healing modalities to support my clients, so you can imagine the rewards of these discoveries. I’d love to share them with you!


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