Marnie Luetchford   ~  Holy Fire III Usui Reiki Master Practitioner  ~ Kundalini Reiki Master ~ Karuna Reiki Master ~ Menopause Relief Expert ~  Master Hypnotist    

I have based my career around helping people achieve their goals. Until recently it was in the fitness industry as a personal trainer.  At the time, it was very fulfilling; however, on a personal level, I needed more and found myself on my own spiritual journey. This wonderful journey within that first led me down a hypnosis path, has since changed direction and guided me to my true passion: Reiki and Chakra Energy Healing.

I am currently a Holy Fire II Usui Reiki Master Practitioner and am registered with the Canadian Reiki Association.  My office, or “Zen Den” as I have affectionately named it, is located just outside of Bowmanville Ontario in the side yard of my family home.

Every day, I help people to relax, release stress and restore physical and emotional well-being in their lives, so that they can effectively balance their health, home, and careers.  It brings me great joy and satisfaction knowing that my personal journey is now helping others to discover their own journey.