Can Hypno-Reiki Help You?


The Benefits of This Combination Healing Therapy For Anxiety, Depression & Insomnia


As a Reiki Master Practitioner and Master Hypnotist in Durham, I’ve worked with many people over the years using hypnosis and Reiki to help relieve a variety of mental and physical issues. 


Since the initial COVID-19 outbreak, more and more people have reached out to me because they’re struggling with anxiety, depression, fear, and insomnia. For many, these conditions are new and unfamiliar, not part of their pre-COVID lives, so they’re scared, unsure of how to manage symptoms, and wary of taking medication.


The bottom line is that we’re all living in extremely uncertain times rights now, confronted daily by fear, anxiety, and even panic. A deep mistrust in conventional treatment has formed too, sending many of us to alternative forms of therapy.


Hypno-Reiki has made a huge difference for many of my clients, and it continues to be a powerful way to release and relieve uncomfortable and heavy emotions that can lead to anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders.

What is Hypno-Reiki?


Hypno-reiki is a powerful and transformative healing therapy that combines hypnosis and Reiki into one practice. As a treatment, it’s used to help lower stress, relieve insomnia, ease anxiety, overcome fears and phobias, and help set and solidify healthy boundaries.


If that sounds like a hefty list, it is! Hypno-reiki is a holistic therapy, meaning it supports not just physical health, but psychological, emotional, and spiritual health too.

What is Spiritual Health?


Removing any religious connotation from the word spiritual, we can look at spirituality as a secular, yet all-encompassing aspect of life. To put it simply, strong spiritual health means we are fundamentally okay with or at peace with life in a way that pervades everything we do. 


Challenges, whether they be the result of an event (ie. a pandemic), an emotional breakdown, an existential crisis, the loss of someone close, or some form of trauma, impacts our spiritual health and may bring on any number of conditions that conventional medicine would flag as pathological. 


Anxiety and depression are two of the most common mental health conditions. Beneath them may lie deep-seated anger, grief, or fear –– natural and even healthy responses to challenges. However, over time, they can become heavy and overwhelming. 


When we recognize anxiety or depression within us, it’s critical to investigate its roots. While psychotherapy can help us with this, it remains quite a “heady” process, disengaged from our somatic or bodily experience. 


Hypno-reiki is a particularly effective, gentle, and safe form of therapy for exploring and releasing any somatic blocks that may be contributing to a troubled outlook on life. It can be a game-changer therapy during these times of incredible collective stress.


Before we dive into how Hypno-reiki works, here’s a quick recap on its counterparts: hypnosis and Reiki.


What is Hypnosis?


Hypnosis is the process by which an altered, trance-like state of consciousness is induced. It results in the loss of voluntary action and makes the recipient vulnerable to suggestion or direction. As a therapeutic tool, hypnosis is used to recover repressed memories and modify behaviour.


What is Reiki?


Reiki is a system of subtle energy healing that uses a series of hand movements, symbols, and distant healing techniques. Reiki energy is drawn from the spiritually-guided universal energy that surrounds us all the time.


What Are the Benefits of Hypno-Reiki?


Anyone can benefit from this powerful combination therapy. Those who are particularly resistant to change may find themselves “letting go” of ineffective thought patterns and old programs, beliefs, and stories more easily and naturally after a few sessions. 


That’s because Hypno-Reiki accesses the subconscious mind, where much of our “unknown” programming is stored. It applies Reiki to help work out energetic blocks and restore a healthy movement of energy or prana throughout the body. 


Hypno-Reiki is also particularly effective for helping us create healthy boundaries in our relationships, not just with people, but with all things to which we give our attention. Healthy boundaries are those necessary limits we place to protect ourselves from manipulation, abuse, and an unhealthy expenditure of energy.  


As these energetic blocks are massaged and released through a few sessions of Hypno-Reiki, we become more in tune with our true self. Becoming familiar and comfortable with that presence, what we might also call open-hearted awareness or our spiritual home, is the basis for improving all our relationships and feeling safe and secure.


How Does Hypno-Reiki Work?


Because hypnosis accesses deeper states of mind, it prepares the mind to receive the energetic flow of Reiki without resistance. Essentially, it taps into our vulnerability, allowing for a deeper and more effective connection to be established between giver and receiver. 


As you passively open to the experience, you experience deep relaxation, introspection, meditation, and release all at once as a nurturing and gentle flow of energy. 


Sessions may begin with setting an intention. That is, you may wish to state or think of a particular insight you wish to have, or the desire to work through a difficulty. You may experience a variety of physiological sensations, ranging from warmth and tingling to the perception of colours or images. 


Some people have reported experiencing particular scents, physical movements, and even sounds. Each experience is unique, from person to person and session to session. 


There Is A Light…


I’ve helped a variety of men and women using Hypno-Reiki. It is a non-intrusive therapy that works with your individual limits and gently opens your mind and body to a greater depth of healing. There is no pressure to share personal information or behave in a particular way. The goal is to just allow yourself to relax into the therapy and trust your body’s response throughout the process.


If you live in the Durham, Clarington, or Bowmanville region and you’re interested in learning more about Hypno-Reiki, I’d love to share some details with you. Feel free to contact me to schedule a consultation or just have a chat. I look forward to hearing from you.