CCMBA (Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment)


The CCMBA technique is a simple hands-on energetic healing modality where, through prayer, universal healing energy is channeled through the facilitator to the healee. It has repeatedly has been claimed by researchers to be the most powerful “Hands-On-Healing” Technique in the medical and spiritual fields today.

“Experience the Law of Grace, which takes precedence over the Law of Karma. The CCMBA Energy works with the Higher Self on the individual’s issues no matter what they are and obtains results! The Energy targets the problem wherever it exists and works on all levels, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. ” ~ Dr. Sharon Forrest (Developer and world renowed healer)

Benefits of CCMBA include, but are not limited to:


  • Release of deep-seated emotional and physical trauma from this life or past lives
  • Correction of chronic back/neck pain and/or scoliosis
  • Realignment of broken bones
  • Release of toxins and poisons from the body
  • Divine spiritual awakening
  • Increase in energy level
  • Release of non-desirable habits
  • Increase in natural healing abilities
  • New outlook on life and so much more…