Menopause Relief Program

The Menopause Relief Program could help you to reduce the intensity and frequency of your hot flashes, putting you back in control.  There is NO medication involved, ONLY relaxation.

This can be achieved through teaching several specific techniques for you to use easily and quickly whenever the need arises.


Rivers of Sweat


Night sweats in particular,seem to cause the most disruption.  Rivers of sweat and lack of sleep are one of the most troublesome elements of the menopause.  This can have a huge effect on your everyday life, as tiredness affects your ability to think, work, perform and do everyday tasks.


Volcanoes of Heat


A hot flash can feel for some women, like a volcano erupting from the stomach area, spreading down to the knees and up to the neck.  For others, it feels like the central heating system has been turned up to full.  For some ladies, these symptoms of excessive heat are accompanied with anxiety, panic, low moods, and irritability.


So take the first positive step for a better tomorrow.  Call me today for a free consultation to find out if this program is for you!

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